Eliciting Excellence

Business Limericks for the 21st Century

I thought it might be fun to start a thread of limericks that relate to business and technology (rather than the classic limericks).

Please feel free to contribute some of your own.  Of course, we’re going to keep things humorous but tasteful.  (I’ll be reviewing each entry before posting.)

Here are the first handful from me:

Social networks keep us up-to-date
Pics and posts of connections we rate
We spend hours on end
With both network and friend
But it makes us perpetually late

There was a young man with a tablet
Who texted his friends like a rabbit
He wanted to stop
But attempts were a flop
He just couldn’t get out of the habit

We live in a world of high tech
Our devices all work and connect
We compute in the cloud
Of our apps we are proud
“Network not found.” What the heck!

There once was a girl with a mouse
Never spoke to her children or spouse
She had not a friend
Social life at an end
‘Cause it kept her from leaving the house

We love to blog, twitter and post
And reveal all our thoughts innermost
Tell what’s on our mind
Plus the secrets we find
Keep our friends up-to-date coast to coast

Leadership programs abound
Good insights and wisdom resound
But if all this makes sense
(Please don’t take offense…)
Then why are so few leaders found?

There once was a corporate exec
Too timid to stick out his neck
But inaction, it seems
Won’t achieve someone’s dreams
So his plans to succeed were a wreck

Execution of plans are a must
In our leaders we place all our trust
But if faith in them fades
Then engagement degrades
And achieving those goals are a bust

Good leadership matters we’re told
When plans to succeed we unfold
But if people are crossed
And integrity’s lost
Then passion for work will grow cold