Our 360° Successor Assessment goes into much more depth than our free Successor Readiness Questions.  It examines the traits, competencies, and behaviors that are essential for a successor’s effectiveness.   We assess a successor relative to their Character Traits, Interpersonal Skills, Business Competence, and Execution/Productivity.

Benefits of Our 360 Assessment

» Efficient and Confidential: The assessment is conducted online and is completely confidential.

» High Rate of Response: To ensure compliance from raters, the assessment can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Spending more time writing comments is optional.

» No redundant questions: The questions are clear and concise.  This eliminates the need to ask the same questions multiple ways.

» Comprehensive: The 360 feedback report includes all essential competencies and skills for effective leadership, and can include feedback from up to 25 raters.


Our Business Builder Assessment determines a successors strengths as a business builder so that the stakeholders can get a sense of how strong a fit the successor is with the needs of the company.

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