No Successor

Our No-Successor Solution is perfect for an owner who can’t find an outside buyer and doesn’t have a successor to take over.

Instead of having to close the business or work until you’re unable to, this solution allows you to get the full value of your business while continuously reducing your workload and day-to-day responsibilities.

We’ll strategize with you about how to move more and more of the day-to-day off your plate.  And we’ll coach you how (and when) to select the tasks to delegate, how to select the right people, and how to effectively delegate so it works!

The goal is for you to be able to substantially pull back from running your company without actually selling it.  You’ll be able to pull out the full value of the company while working less and less.

If needed, we can also help you find the right person to step in and help you off-load responsibilities.

Call us to see if this is the right solution for your needs!