Leadership Development Program

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Regardless of whether someone is a seasoned executive or newly promoted to an executive role, Executive Coaching is a powerful resource for leadership development. Executive Coaching is about accelerating the success of individuals who are committed to professional growth and maximizing their effectiveness as an executive and a leader. 

Our Leadership Development Program focuses on Emotional Intelligence competencies and strategic thinking.  Customized to each client, our leadership development coaching will improve a leader’s effectiveness.  

It includes an initial 360° Leadership Assessment, followed by one-on-one coaching.   Coaching offers valuable outside perspective and can help an executive move past the blind spots holding them back from success.  We’ll assess areas of strength and opportunities for growth, create a plan for improvement, and assess results – both subjectively and objectively.  Our coaching is about getting better results – results to achieve an organization’s strategic goals.

The Four Stages of Our Leadership Development Program

Executive Coaching

The process begins with a 360° assessment of the leader to discover their strengths and uncover their weaker competencies.

Then, through weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, we discuss situations they’re dealing with and begin strategizing more effective approaches to their challenges.

As our work continues, we refine how they interact throughout the organization, helping them improve their effectiveness and their influence.

Over the course of our coaching sessions (typically 6 -12 months), they continue to improve their effectiveness by improving all their leadership competencies. 

Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting Excellence

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