Are Your Leaders
Driving Engagement?

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Or Are They Causing Disengagement?

Our 360° Engagement Assessment  examines the traits, competencies, and behaviors that are needed to drive engagement (and avoid disengagement).  We gain insights into how a leader is viewed by others with respect to their character, how well they interact with individuals, and how they interact with their team as a whole.  Raters provide feedback on issues that either help engagement or hurt engagement.

The Assessment Process

» Setup:  We set up the assessment and then enter the list of up to 25 raters.  The system then emails out invites and reminders to ensure a high response rate.

» Rate:  The assessment is conducted online, and responses are both anonymous and confidential.  The assessment can be completed by each rater in about 10-15 minutes.

» Report:  Once we have sufficient feedback (usually within about two weeks), we’ll generate a comprehensive report showing a leader’s strengths and areas that may be causing disengagement.

» Review:  We then meet with the stakeholders to review the assessment results, offer perspectives, and provide insights.

» Recommend:  We’ll strategize about how the leader can improve and whether the leader can improve on their own or benefit from outside perspective and guidance.

Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting Excellence

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