Typical Engagements

Passing the Baton

We work with individuals and organizations in a variety of scenarios in order to enhance effectiveness, boost productivity, and hone strategic thinking/decision-making.

An owner has a successor who needs further grooming

We conduct an objective Assessment to determine their strengths and the competencies that need improvement.  We then create a Successor Development plan, utilizing executive coaching to enhance their leadership and ownership effectiveness.

An owner needs an objective, unemotional way to decide who to select as successor

We conduct an objective successor assessment of each candidate to reveal an objective, unbiased picture of their strengths and weaknesses so the best person is chosen or, in the alternative, responsibilities are divided effectively.

An owner wants the business to continue but doesn’t have a successor

Our Successor Recruiting Program helps define the ideal successor, recruits good candidates, and determines whether they have the needed traits and competencies.

ESOP Preparation

The owner of a business plans to retire, is in the process of establishing an ESOP, and members of the leadership team need to improve their effectiveness.  We assess and develop the key leaders who will be guiding the company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A buyer or seller needs  to evaluate a leadership team to establish strength or uncover weakness.