Do You Have a
“Problem Child”
on Your Leadership Team?

You know who I’m talking about.  They’re intelligent and knowledgeable.  They have years of industry experience.  And they come up with good ideas.

But OMG! They consistently cause conflict and upset within their team
and throughout the organization.

Keeping them communicates that bad behavior is acceptable.
Plus, tolerating their behavior will undermine the company’s culture.

But letting them go means
losing a strong asset and a valuable resource!

Over the years, I’ve developed expertise
in helping those leaders change their behavior.

I’ve learned how to shift their perspective.
And once I’m able to shift their perspective, it allows me to enhance their interpersonal skills and improve their ability to influence others.

* Their attitude changes *

* They collaborate more effectively *

* Conflict subsides *

* And results improve*

One of the keys to success in the process is that they’re getting confidential, unbiased advice from an outside expert.
Plus, I can say things to them that others just can’t say.

If you have a leader in your organization who could benefit from my help, please schedule a time to discuss your specific situation.

Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting Excellence

Portland, OR