Strategies for Dealing
with a "Problem Leader"

Problem Leader Strategies

Over my 20+ years as an Executive Strategist, I’ve helped scores of good leaders become more effective and develop better strategies.  But I’ve also been brought in to help save problem leaders.  With each engagement, I refined my approach to successfully turn things around.  I am able to shift their perspective, which then opens them up to change.  All of which allows me to help them implement new approaches that are more effective.


This whitepaper outlines the steps you’ll need to take in order to successfully transform a “problem child” into an effective leader.  The first phase is all about striving to understand them and the issues as they see them.  The process, if done correctly, builds rapport and empathy, which opens them up to adopting new approaches for dealing with people.

The second phase is about introducing them to ways of dealing with people that are more effective, and then coaching them on when and how to implement those strategies.

Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting Excellence

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