Successor Development Program

Successor Development

Our Successor Development Program is the perfect solution for preparing a successor to take over leading a company.  Our program will help them lead more effectively, communicate more clearly, have greater influence within the organization, and make better decisions. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because a successor knows the mechanics of your business (how to make the products and/or deliver the services) that he or she is prepared to run the company.  There are four stages to developing a successor, and most owners stop after the second stage.

Successor Development

Without proper development,
a successor often:

  • – Continues to think like an employee
  • – Manages rather than leads
  • – Doesn’t think strategically
  • – May have poor judgment
  • – Doesn’t strengthen the culture
  • – Doesn’t earn trust and respect
  • – Doesn’t know how to influence others
  • – Doesn’t resolve conflict effectively

The consequence of
these issues can lead to:

  • – Missed buyout payments
  • – High employee turnover
  • – High customer turnover
  • – Damaged reputation
  • – Declining sales & profits
  • – Reduced retirement funds
  • – Family conflict
  • – Having to come out of retirement

In contrast, a well-prepared successor will:

* Bring Out the Best in People *
* Achieve Greater Growth and Profitability *
* Minimize Employee Turnover and Customer Loss *

Our Leadership Development Program focuses on:

  • * How to Lead (rather than manage)
  • * How to Influence (rather than command)
  • * How to gain Commitment (rather than just compliance)
  • * How to be Strategic (rather than tactical)
  • * How to be Proactive (rather than reactive)
  • * How to think Big Picture (rather than have a narrow focus)
  • * How to make Good Decisions (rather than be impulsive)
  • * How to be Business Savvy (rather than job savvy)
  • * How to think Long-Term (rather than day-to-day)

How the Program Works:

1. Executive Assessment: We start with a comprehensive 360° assessment to reveal a successor’s strengths and identify competencies that need improvement.

2. Executive Development & Coaching: Based on the results of the assessment, we’ll create a 6-12 month coaching program designed to improve a successor’s weaker competencies and enhance their strengths.

3. Mentoring: We’ll also strategize with the owner to help him or her mentor the successor and expand their responsibilities.

Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting Excellence

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