"I had the pleasure of working with Michael Beck as my leadership coach. His solution-focused discussions have been instrumental in my professional growth, helping me to identify areas where I can improve and providing me with the tools and resources to do so.

Michael’s approach is collaborative and supportive, with a gift for helping people see things from a different perspective. His coaching has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and provided me with guidance and support."
Karl Beall
Operations Director, Community Integrated Health Services
"Michael has been an advisor, consultant and confidant to me for the last two years. Helping me move into my role as president of a $400 million company, he has provided both strategic and leadership guidance.

Throughout our time together, Michael has demonstrated an impressively broad strategic skill set. His unique perspective and ability to ask penetrating questions has driven measurable improvement in areas as wide ranging as company strategy, business operations, leadership development, management reporting, and employee relations.

I have become a better leader and our company has become more successful due to Michael's influence."
Jamie Madden
Executive Chairman, SOS Staffing
"Our company, HPM Corporation (HPMC) retained Michael to prepare our Executive Management Team. We cannot overstate the positive impact Michael had upon our successful SEB evaluation and subsequent contract award. Michael has our highest recommendation to work with any size business looking to develop and/or enhance Executive Management Skills."
Hollie Mooers
Owner, HPM Corporation
"I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Beck over the last year, and throughout our conversations, I have found his advice and input to be invaluable. Michael has a unique ability to ask insightful, probing questions that get to the heart of the matter we are discussing.

Michael has a vast range of business experience which is of incredible benefit as we discuss business development and marketing strategies, financial scenarios, and interpersonal situations. Michael’s direct and pragmatic feedback has greatly helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses which has transformed my thinking, and most importantly, my actions.

Michael Beck gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor."
Michael Lindley
VP Business Development, Concept Systems, Inc.
"From the first time we spoke and he taught me the meaning of leadership: "Bringing out the best in others," he helped me go from good to great.

He makes a meaningful connection and gives you the tools to exceed even your own expectations. Goal setting, Mission building and Clarity of Vision are just some of the competencies I gained.

Simply put, Michael is awesome and will change your life"
Rick Katz
Chief Marketing Officer, First Life America
"Michael Beck’s Executive Coaching and Leadership Development provides a no-nonsense professional prospective that is a rare find at the executive level.

The leadership assessment is an objective, customized tool that delivers valuable insight into the strengths and opportunities all executives need for professional growth.

Michael’s background, executive leadership experience and talent for being forthright and honest create a credible environment to discuss Self-Awareness, Organizational Awareness and Interpersonal Management at a personal and professional level. His coaching is well worth the investment and a great leadership resource for the future."
Brian Cameron
Chief Operations Officer, Great Rivers Behavioral Health
"Michael's insights, experience, and direction....exactly what is needed. Having someone in your corner for true coaching is invaluable, and Michael has proved to be all that I expected.

Whether it be for focus areas, general growth, specific circumstances that come up in the day-to-day, or just a sounding board, Michael continually shows why he is a highly respected and sought after coach. He approaches with honesty, provides perspective, and asks questions. He allows you to think through scenarios & come to conclusions, and then discusses them with you. He never assumes, helps you understand where you stand on a matter, and then helps you change perspective.

I value our relationship tremendously, and am looking to the future with Michael in my corner."
Jerry Adamowicz
VP of Global Services, Star Trac
"As a new general manager to a growing business here in Portland, Michael's coaching and guidance have been invaluable. He has helped me transition from simply managing to leading with confidence and vision.

Michael also has an uncanny ability to provide clarity and perspective to issues that face the business. His broad-based knowledge, as well as his focused and straight-forward approach, have been instrumental in developing sound strategies for growth. There have been occasions where just picking up the phone and talking through situations have been highly beneficial.

His input has always paid great dividends, both professionally and personally... I would recommend Michael without hesitation."
Larry Sinnige
General Manager, Walker Emulsions
Eliciting Excellence

Eliciting Excellence

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